45 long colt pistol reloading data

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Unique Max Loads for. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Unique Max Loads for. I am a bit confused. The Alliant Powder page shows 9. Is there an error, here? Are these max charges considered "standard pressure" for. Thank you. Last edited by Southern Shooter; at PM. No because Unique can become spiky and unpredictable at I have not had any issues with Unique but I personally will not load Got a.

Shoot me a PM! So, 9. Unique in my Italian Colt clones, and notice the difference between the two. Personally, I never go above 8. Too warm for my taste. SWC - 9. I would go with Lyman datait seems to be more complete and tested for a particular boolit design. The new ,cleaner burning Unique, seems a little faster burning than the old. I would use the latest data. That data is from ish.

Much higher then you see today. I have shot thousands of gr lead.

.45 Colt (Hodgdon Pistol Data)

Never had a problem. Who knows, maybe the formula has changed or the lawyers have changed. Last edited by Greebe; at PM.

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Backed it down to a lowly 8. My favorite and most accurate load out of my Blackhawk and Henry Steel is I don't have a favorite one with lead boolits yet Originally Posted by Southern Shooter.Although Mr. John Linebaugh is partial to WW and H for upscale loads in the. These slower burning powders should be bulkier per grain weight.

Also, they should burn at lower temperatures than WW or H and fill the case to the base of the bullet. H or IMR may give the desired results we are looking for.

45 long colt pistol reloading data

This leaves. Actually those 2 powders would work best slightly compressed according to Mr. Because of their physical form, granule size, grain for grain H and IMR would occupy more room inside the case than H or WW, therefore creating a higher loading density without excessive velocity or pressure.

Reloading: A Complete Beginner's Guide to Handloading for your Rifle

I am looking for a very accurate load in the 24" barrel of the Marlin Cowboy using the grain bullet at to fps velocity. It is possible that these powders, IMR and H could be used in charge weights that would fill the case to the base of the bullet and still give permissible pressures and velocities.

It is a known fact that if powder charges have enough room to wander around inside the case, pressures and velocities may not be consistent. By filling the case to the base of the bullet, we eliminate the wandering around syndrome and would hopefully produce more consistent pressures and velocities, which should produce greater accuracy.

Along with filling the available space in the case, the ideal powder should be insensitive to it's position in the case. Filling the case to the base of the bullet with a specific powder to obtain a specific velocity is known as shape charging.

The Hornady manual states that and IMR proved most consistent in their experiments. Also, 21 grains of XMP got same velocity; may burn different in longer barrel. The Hodgdon manual shows Other loads in this paragraph are 25, CUP or less.

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All of these loads are with jacketed grain bullets. Our grain cast bullet would probably post less pressure with the same charges as the jacketed bullets.

It is estimated that the 24" barrel of the Marlin Cowboy would produce fps more velocity than the 7. Therefore, maximum charges for these powders could be lowered somewhat to keep velocities within the required limits. Hence, in Marlin:.

In recent tests performed at the Silhouette range at Pala, California it was determined that the Federal LPM primer produced cleaner burning characteristics when used with WW and the grain bullet in the. Also, more consistent results were experienced using. This tool reams primer pockets for rifle primers. This is too deep for pistol primers, and could cause inconsistent ignition that can be detrimental to accuracy. Also, newer lot 's of WW are more consistent than older lot 's of this same powder.

Also, in this test at Pala, rounds were fired in the Marlin. I recently changed to lead to tin mix. This change has enhanced accuracy.

.45 Colt Reloading Data (Lee Precision Data)

It has been stated in reloading manuals that the same powders that produce top velocities in revolver length barrels will produce top velocities in the rifle length barrels. This may be true, but I have not chronographed top loads to check this out. What I am saying is that slower burning powders that are bulkier per grain weight and fill the case to the base of the bullet may produce more consistent results in rifle length barrels 20" to 24" for the velocities that they produce.

As I have said before, in the silhouette game we are not looking for high velocity, we are looking for extreme consistencies in velocity, pressure, accuracy and clean burning characteristics.

Cowboy Action Loads

Ease of extraction and positive feeding are not to be over looked, either.I measured the OAL of the bullet as: 0. It feels very slick. It was very visible when shot at nightalmost like GlowAmmo. No crimp groove. To chamber reliably it had to be seated very deep. Deeper than I had load data for, and that made me very nervous about pressure.

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Western Powders Load Data says, 1. I did 1. Would only plunk in a HOT barrel, sometimes. I used Hodgdon data as a baseline: New Starline brass with uniformed flash-hole, Rem 2. Update: I re-shot the same load in a 5. Approx Drag I would buy them again at a good price. They are very clean. I believe they could be seated very deep, so strong crimp could be formed over the ogive.

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Approximate drag: Accuracy was fine. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like LoadingMontana Bullet Works Gunblast. But in this, I am unrepentant Because among other reasons, I have a full box of 45 Short Colt ammo produced in and that got me to really investigate! Not Schofield My loads are mine, in my guns Like any reloading information mine can not be taken directly I say this because I am giving information on some loads from my guns that are above SAAMI specs for pressure, loads that John probably would never want in his home, let alone in his guns.

There are action rifles and there are action rifles, age is the thing. And they can be as different in strength as granite and sand stone Also there are Marlin and Winchester actions less strong than the 92s, they are in the 94 class It was always interesting, but puzzling to me while reloading and working with guns during my 35 year period before Yes my reloading experience is now well over 50 years and I have reloaded ammo on three different Continents, in many, many countries.

Why was a leveraction never chambered in the 45 Colt round from a major manufacturer before ? Lots of folks have written about reasons for this And Colt never gave permission to other companies to chamber any guns for it. Colt did sell 45 caliber handguns to the public early on when U. Army orders slowed And then rather large cased calibers followed to make the leveraction rifles very potent long arms. So these big rounds created no profitable reason to go to the 45 Colt handgun rounds in rifles, after the 45 Colt patents were expired.

By the way, for those that are a little picky, and have noticed I have been calling the 45 Colt round just that, not the long Colt Wrong on all counts. The gun steel of the day was fairly strong The reason for not shooting smokeless powder in real black powder single actions And that created a logistics nightmare for the Army, and also many complained about the decrease in power.The cartridge has a sound design: a semi-rimmed configuration — that small rim has been criticized through the decades but has never posed a problem in my gun — that has enough case capacity to drive the.

In a modern handgun, the. My pistol, a Ruger New Model Blackhawk, has adjustable sights that give me an accuracy edge compared to the fixed sights of the SAA clones.

I can keep a full cylinder of shots within a 3-inch group at 45 yards, which is more than acceptable to me with my mids eyes.

Anything heavier than grains provides at least acceptable accuracy, with a few heavy slugs being exceptional.

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The variation of bullet weights is another desirable feature of the. It can be loaded to purr like a kitten, and those mild loads are excellent for training a new shooter or for fun plinking days. Yet in my Blackhawk, it can launch slugs weighing up to grains for serious big-game work. Most ammunition manufacturers still offer the original load of a round-nose or flat-point lead bullet of to grains, with a muzzle velocity of about fps, and that formula works as well as it did in Yet folks who hunt big game with the old cartridge can find plenty of factory ammunition options, provided you have a pistol or rifle designed to handle the higher pressures.

In a inch-barreled rifle, that will leave the muzzle at just slower than 1, fps for more than 1, foot-pounds. That load, in a carbine, is approaching the performance of some lighter. There have been many modern upgrades to ammunition for the older wheelguns and lever-action rifles in the past decade, and the.

That configuration adds quite a bit of versatility to traditional lever guns and makes a perfect choice for folks who hunt deer and bear in the thickly forested Northeast, as I do. Many newer handgun bullets designed for autoloaders will function well in the.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cutting Edge Bullets makes a grain Handgun Raptor bullet that can achieve very high velocities upward of 1, fps in the. These modern projectiles have mono-metal construction and use a deep hollow-point for rapid expansion.

.45 Colt - Manufacturer Loading Data

The wall of the hollow-point breaks into small blades for initial impact trauma, and the base of the copper bullet remains at caliber dimension for deep penetration. The bullets make a good choice for home defense — at least for me. There was a reason I chose that Ruger New Model Blackhawk as my first handgun: Although the pistol was always securely stored, the transfer-bar design of the Ruger revolver seemed to present the most accident-resistant package I could find.

In the hands of an educated shooter, the pistol would operate fine, but if the hammer was cocked and the pistol accidentally dropped, the transfer bar would prevent accidental discharge.There is an old Indian legend that says when all else is gone, still will remain the coyote.

I would expand upon that and say still will remain the coyote and the. No other sixgun cartridge has ever been pronounced dead so many times. No other sixgun cartridge has so many devoted followers. Since doing the first Taffin Tests on the.

It started as a blackpowder cartridge and today still enjoys tremendous popularity even as it was originally intended, loaded with black powder. The only difference now being it is used for cowboy action shooting rather than on cattle drives and shootouts on Main Street. At the other end of the spectrum, the. Awhile back I chanced upon some old original balloon head brass and have been experimenting with the 's loading for the.

Lachmiller's grain conical bullet is a deadringer for the original and using This old load clocked out at feet per second! This load figures prominently in future hunting plans. When using blackpowder in the.

45 long colt pistol reloading data

My reloading of the. These have been in continuous service for two decades and have loaded thousands upon thousands of heart warming. Just this past month I received a set of Lyman's.

Could you even begin to imagine a reloading bench without the familiar green and orange boxes from RCBS and Lyman? Ten years ago much of my loading for the. This load still takes up a lot of the working time of the RCBS RockChucker or Dillon, but I find myself shooting some milder loads quite a bit more often. For utility loads, loads in the feet per second to 1, feet per second category, I find myself mostly using the grain semi-wadcutter machine cast bullets from Bull-X or Oregon Trail.

The heavyweight bullets, grains and above, are still the bullet of choice for the handgun hunters that I run with that prefer the. The heaviest practical. Jones and numbered at I call it the SSK This flat-nosed slap-'em-down-and-stomp-on-'em heavyweight is superbly accurate over This is one of the most accurate. Again, use only in heavy-duty sixguns!

45 long colt pistol reloading data

The bulk of my heavyweight bullet shooting is with BRP's grain flat-nosed gas checked. Loaded over Both will shoot inside three-fourth's of an inch at 25 yards from a good sixgun. Bull-X now has a grain flat-nosed bullet available for the. If you have a sixgun that shoots low with standard loads, this bullet could be the answer as it will print higher at 25 yards then the grain bullets.Remember Me?

Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: 45 long colt favorite load data. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Congrats on the 45 Colt - you'll enjoy it. I have one load for my Blackhawk.

It works for me. All my loads are based on Unique. Keeps the inventory simple. It has the 5. I do like it very much. It fits well in the hand. I bought the "Big Jake" rig from Kirkpatrick Leather. It is simple. The piece rides back just behind center right hip, to be out of the way and not get caught up on brush. The powder is Herco. The charge weight is 9. I clocked 9. The 9. I use WLP primers. I seat and crimp just over the bullet radius. I chose the Herco powder to utilize as much case capacity as possible.

There are a couple more powders that will take up more space, bluedot and I have not tried.


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